18 October 2008

Cornelli lace and silver wedding cake

Well this is the first paid wedding cake I have made in the last two years. In Malta wedding cakes come as part of the catering package and it is expensive for the wedding couple to order a cake outside the caterers when one is already provided. Luckily, the caterer in this case had no facilities for making wedding cakes hence I got the order.

The request was for a very simple, plain and elegant cake with ivory and silver. I think they will be happy with the outcome.

Made Explore 27 Sep 2008 #485


frankie said...

that cornelli lace is absolutely amazing! i don't have the patience for it AT ALL and i know how time consuming it is...beautiful!

Kyra said...

Hi ther eyour cakes are a work of work ! Beautiful ! I will be getting married in malta in june ! I was wondering if you could possibly make me a special cake ? how may i contact you please ?

Martina Pace (Kindergarten) said...

Can you send me an email on ritaknowles@yahoo.co.uk and let me know what you would like?

paul said...

We enjoyed viewing your artical, Would you please contact us on
We are getting married in Malta in June 2012, and would like to discuss cakes with you if you are able to help.
Thank You.

Mighty Mouse said...

Hi there,
I love this cake!
Please would you contact me on my mobile to chat about wedding cakes. I am getting married net June in Malta. my number is 9901 8039

Thank you so much.

simply said...

Mighty Mouse
I have tried to phone you several times without sucess. Can you either email me with your request or leave a comment on here please?