17 February 2009

Golden anniversary cake.

Golden anniversary cake.
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This cake was made for my mum and dad's golden anniversary. I brought it with me from England to Malta and the stewardess was so kind and let me put the cake on the seat next to me all the way.


Snooky doodle said...

Wow this is impressive. And it came all the way from England. I can hardly deliver it in Malta from England it would end in a disaster :)
Thanks for visiting my blog :)I ll follow your advice re kwarezimal :)

simply said...

I think transporting cakes from England is less hazardous than transporting them in Malta.

There are so many very very deep pot holes over here that you just cannot avoid them. I am terrified transporting a cake and I feel like a learner driver, driving at 5 mph when I have any cake in my car.

blunotte said...

hallo, thank's to follow my blog.
Your blog is really wonderful.
I don't know if you speck Italien, but form now I'm going to follw often your beautiful blog.

nicole said...

beautiful work!