04 February 2010

Valentine cookies and cakes

Valentine cookies and cakes
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RYD said...

Those are beautiful. You're clearly very talented!
Btw, I've actually been to Malta (I'm American but lived in the Middle East at the time) and I completely understand why you'd leave dreary England for that beautiful island country. I had a great time there. Hope you're enjoying being back home.

simply said...

Thank you RYD. Yes I do love Malta (Gozo actually)and I am so glad that I returned to my homeland after so many years away.
I have read some of your entries on Reluctant Mum and I found them hilarious. You can really put words together. I wish I can put some words on my blog but I always seem to be rushing doing one job or another.
Thank you for your lovely comments. I shall follow your blog with anticipation of your next topic.