03 March 2010

Christmas Rose

Wrap a length of white cotton thread round 3 fingers about 30 times.
Christmas Rose Step 1

Twist cotton to make into a shape of an 8 and fold into 2 loops.
Christmas Rose Step 2

Push 28 gauge wire cut into 3 through the loop and twist tightly to fasten the loop.
Christmas Rose Step 3

Tape using half width white tape starting from just above the twist. This will help keeping the stamens together.
Christmas Rose Step 4
Cut through the top loop and trim to about 1cm.
Christmas Rose Step 5

Dust with light green dusting powder.
Christmas Rose Step 6

Brush the tip of the stamens with edible glue and dip in sugartex (or other edible pollen).
Christmas Rose Step 7

Roll out a small piece of white flower paste on a ridged board. Turn over and cut out the petal with the “node” end at the thin edge of the ridge.
Christmas Rose Step 8

Insert 28gauge wire cut in 3, half way up the petal through the thick end of the ridge. Thin the edges using a ball tool on a cel pad.
Christmas Rose Step 9

Vein the petal using a rose veiner. Make sure that the middle ridge is flattened.
Christmas Rose Step 10

Make 5 petals. Place all the petals in an egg tray or something similar to cup the petals and give them shape. Leave till the petals are almost dry.
Christmas Rose Step 11

Brush the bottom back and front of each petal with light green (Orchid white) dusting powder. Steam to fix the colour.
Christmas Rose Step 12

Assemble the petals. Tape a petal at a rime round the stamens and tape to the bottom of the wire when all five petals are in place.
Christmas Rose Step 13

Place in a former and leave to dry completely.
Christmas Rose Step 14


Amy's "Sweet" Memories said...

I love your tutorials. Where did you find your ridged board that you make your petals with? You can email me at amys_sweet_memories@yahoo.com.


Florali said...

Many thanks for the great tutorial!! It's very helpful. I hope you don't mind that I have added a link to your tutorial on my website! If you don't want it, please contact me. You can find the link below:
All the best