09 February 2008

Upon delivering a cake

I had a lousy cake to make last week. The young boy aged 7 collects trucks and I asked him to pick his favourite truck so that I can replicate it as a cake. He brought his best but my worst nightmare. It was a truck which could not be made into a cake as there was only the driver's cab and a skip dangling from the back. In a mad moment, I agreed to make a plain cake with a road in the middle of it and then make the truck as a model.

It was so intricate and fragile, it took me 3 days on and off, skip, hydraulic lifters, cab etc. I was so worried that it would collapse any minute so I was really keen to get rid of it. I agreed to deliver it early. Well I had 2 of my sisters staying for the carnival, so off we went to deliver the cake with one of my sisters in the front holding the cake box in her hand so she can use her hands as suspension on these bumpy roads. We met the lady near the chemist, passed over the cake in one piece, she gave me the money which I DID NOT CHECK and put this in the car ashtray (that is where all my spare change end up)

Off we went. My sister decided to check the money and found €5 missing. She went mad and I had to stop the car to search for the missing money. "Not only you undercharge" she said "you do not even check that they give you the right money and people take advantage of you". I tried to tell her that it must have been a genuine mistake and in the end we just laughed so much about it. She threatened to phone the lady about it and I got so fed up listening to my sister that I decided to pretend that I found my the money and took €5 out of my own pocket and told her that I found it under the seat.

Off we went again. The lady had my sister's mobile number and within a few minutes, my sister gets a phone call from this lady. She was very apologetic because she found €5 on the seat of the car and she was sure that it must be part of the cake money. My other sister and I almost wet ourselves with laughter when I heard her say to the lady "No we have the right money here and the €5 must be something else"

I was driving when she got the phonecall but was in tears laughing and had to stop on the side of the road to avoid an accident. I think it was the best laugh we had for months and still think about it.

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