08 December 2008

Christmas market at Nadur

I had the most enjoyable 4 days taking part in the fund raising to improve the appearance of the Nadur square.

We took part in the Nadur Christmas market and decided to have a cakes, cookies and drinks stall. My brother supplied us with gateaux, cakes, doughnuts and muffins. My brother-in-law, with biscuits, honey rings and choc chip cookies. We were also supplied with 2 coffee machines and also decided to prepare some mulled wine. We also baked loads and loads of mince pies and chocolate truffles.

This is the first time we did this so the preparation was horrendous. We wanted to make sure that everything was well organised. But full marks to my collegues and there was nothing that we could have done better.

We worked solid from Friday till Monday but we also had very high spirits. We sang and danced all the time even when serving people. All the husbands (apart from mine) where always there to give a hand and fetch and carry.

The people kept coming and by Sunday at 4.00 pm we ran out of most of the things. People tried our cakes and kept coming for more. They were most disappointed when we told them that we ran out of things.

Well my biggest thanks to the most wonderful ladies who gave up their time just to be there. Also to the husbands (including mine) who were there with us all the time. A big thank you to my Joe (my brother-in-law) who brought the goodies in a freezer van and stayed with us all four days. Thanks also to Worldwide who provided all the gateaux and cakes and also to Elia caterers who provided the biscuits and honey rings. Everything was so delicious and fresh.

Nadur Christmas market draws crowds

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